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Message from the Director of Centre for Environmental Creation (of Fukushima prefecture)

Director, Centre for Environmental Creation (of Fukushima prefecture)

The Centre of Environmental Creation (of Fukushima prefecture), which held grand opening on 21st July 2016 with support and cooperation of many people, has been developing as a comprehensive base for restoration and creation of Fukushima's environmental circumstances, where residents can live peacefully for the future.

The Centre consists of three buildings, “Main Building”, “Research Building” and “Communication Building” and we fulfill four functions, “(Environmental ) Monitoring”, “Survey Research”, “Information Gathering and Distribution” and “Education, Training and Communicative Exchange” In particular, “Communication Building” nicknamed “Commutan Fukushima” plays the roll of “Education, Training and Communicative Exchange” as a familiar facility where many people come and see.

In “Commutan Fukushima”, we are committed to work forward so that visitors learn the environment and radiation by experiencing exhibitions such as “The Environmental Creation theatre” with 360 degree movie, and in particular children, who will be responsible for the future, nurture their ability to think and act on their own accord. We wait for not only children but also mane people from inside and outside Fukushima prefecture.

July 2016

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