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About Commutan Fukushima

Commutan Fukushima(Communication Building of the Centre for Environmental Creation, Fukushima prefecture) was established as a facility with the aim to respond to anxiety and questions from the residents of Fukushima prefecture, to help their understanding of radiation and environmental issues from a familiar perspective, and to deepen their awareness of environmental recovery and creation.

In Commutan Fukushima, such facilities are available as exhibitions on the current situation of radiation and environment in Fukushima, as well as the Environmental Creation theatre in the shape of a full ball with 360 degree field of vision, and a conference hall, which has seating capacity of 200 people and so on.

We are aiming for the opportunity for children and various organizations to share the knowledge and deepen consciousness by learning and experiencing in Commutan Fukushima and to consider, create and send information of Fukushima's future from their respective standpoints.

"Commutan Fukushima" The Communication Building, The Centre of Environmental Creation(Fukushima prefecture)

Total site area 46,363m2(The Centre of Environmental Creation)
Total floor area 4,632m2(The Communication Building)
Address 〒963-7700 10-2 Fukasaku, Miharu-machi,Tamura-gun,Fukshima prefecture
TEL +81-247-61-5721
FAX +81-247-61-5727
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About Commutan Fukushima

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